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Spotlight on a Literary Citizen: A Chat with Bill Berry, Jr.

Literary Citizen, William E. Berry, Jr., is the CEO and publisher at aaduna, inc. a literary journal that showcases poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and visual media from writers and artists worldwide. 
Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit with us as we chat with Bill....

Words on the Verge: You have put your heart and soul into aaduna.  Tell uswhy you founded the journal and about the goal/vision of aaduna.
Bill: My foray into online publishing was with a journal that initially was to be the online component of a printed journal.  As things often happen with divergent viewpoints, the printed journal eventually decided to forgo an online version.  With my encouragement and backing, the lead on the online initiative decided to continue with the venture.  I then structured, organized and established the corporate platform for the journal; identified the journal’s name; developed the mission statement, submission protocols, and served as a founding co-editor.  As this racially specific entity …